Scalability is a key feature for big data analysis and machine learning frameworks and for applications that need to analyze very large and real-time data available from data repositories, social media, sensor networks, smartphones, and the Web. Scalable big data analysis today can be achieved by parallel implementations that are able to exploit the computing and storage facilities of high performance computing (HPC) systems and clouds, whereas in the near future Exascale systems will be used to implement extreme-scale data analysis. Here is discussed how clouds currently support the development of scalable data mining solutions and are outlined and examined the main challenges to be addressed and solved for implementing innovative data analysis applications on Exascale systems.

Solving problems in science and engineering was the first motivation for inventing computers. After a long time since then, computer science is still the main area in which innovative solutions and technologies are being developed and applied. Also due to the extraordinary advancement of computer technology, nowadays data are generated as never before. In fact, the amount of structured and unstructured digital datasets is going to increase beyond any estimate. Databases, file systems, data streams, social media and data repositories are increasingly pervasive and decentralized.

As the data scale increases, we must address new challenges and attack ever-larger problems. New discoveries will be achieved and more accurate investigations can be carried out due to the increasingly widespread availability of large amounts of data. Scientific sectors that fail to make full use of the huge amounts of digital data available today risk losing out on the significant opportunities that big data can offer.

To benefit from the big data availability, specialists and researchers need advanced data analysis tools and applications running on scalable architectures allowing for the extraction of useful knowledge from such huge data sources. High performance computing (HPC) systems and cloud computing systems today are capable platforms for addressing both the computational and data storage needs of big data mining and parallel knowledge discovery applications. These computing architectures are needed to run data analysis because complex data mining tasks involve data- and compute-intensive algorithms that require large, reliable and effective storage facilities together with high performance processors to get results in appropriate times.

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